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Elephino Keychain (elephant + rhino)

Elephino Keychain (elephant + rhino)

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Looking to bring some laughs and maybe some eyerolls to the people you love? Well consider the Elephino Keychain as your go to accessory. That way, you can show it to people and ask people, "Hey what's this thing?" And then hit em with the "ELL-IF-I-KNOW!" 🥁

-Clear acrylic with one side epoxy for extra protection*
-Charm is appx. 2.5inches
-Double-sided (same image, mirrored)
-Metal clasp

Our keychains arrive to us with a clear plastic film on the flat/non-epoxy sides. We take the time to remove this film and polish the keychain before packaging and mailing. Being that we're only human, we may have missed some! If you notice your keychain looks cloudy, check if the film is still attached. You can pick at a corner/side to lift and remove the film.


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