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Cork Plush: Corgi + Shark

Cork Plush: Corgi + Shark

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The Cork is a perfectly cuddly stuffed animal suitable for all ages! We did our best to capture all it's floofy cuteness in the photos, but can promise you that the Cork is even softer than they appear! Very squish. Much boop.

Each plush also comes with a Meg's Mashables Official Adoption Certificate.

Length: 10"
Height: 5"
Chonk: Very Chonky

The Cork is stuffed with 100% polyester fiber. It is safe for children ages 0+ !

Manufacturer Saftey Information
"We test to current ASTM and CPSIA standards and provide Children's Product Certificates in accordance with U.S. law. Our product also undergoes quality control inspections before shipping from the factory."

Washing & Care Tips from our Manufacturer:

Squishable fan Xavier F. has a tried and true method to get your Squishies fluffy and soft again, which you can find here!

It's better to avoid using a washing machine if possible - Squishable fabric can't stand high heat and it's hard to get them dry! But if you've got a real messy Squishable, or need to disinfect it for some reason, you can use a machine so long as you do the following:

•Tie your Squishable inside of a clean cotton pillowcase to protect the fur.
•Wash with cold water only!
•Machine dry (still in the pillowcase!) under the lowest heat setting possible! This might mean doing several dryer cycles. Hint: if your Squishable feels unusually heavy, he's still wet inside - give it another dry cycle to avoid getting mildew inside!


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