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Mashables Nursery Sticker Pack (5 stickers)

Mashables Nursery Sticker Pack (5 stickers)

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Grow your sticker garden with our Mashables Nursery Sticker Pack! Featuring 5 plant mashables, it's a bloomin' delightful addition for any sticker lover or collector. And you don't need a green-thumb to keep them alive!

This pack features 5 stickers:
-Cacthog (cactus + hedgehog)
-Sharcculent (shark + succulent)
-Skunkterra (skunk + monstera)
-Trapsalotl (axolotl + venus flytrap)
-Hippopothosmas (hippo + pothos)

-Size: approx. 2.5" on longest side
-Full color print
-White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive*
-PET laminate with UV resistance to protect from sunlight*
-2-4 year outdoor life, can brave all types of weather*
-Dishwasher safe!*
-PVC free product*
*specs from our manufactuer

These stickers are great for laptops, water bottles, notebooks or anywhere else you can think to stick them!


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