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Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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If you've ever seen a Mashable that resonated with your soul and thought, "Dang! I really want to this a tattoo." Look no further than our Tattoo Ticket!

This allows you to support my art while also getting a digital "permission slip" to take to a tattoo artist of your choice letting them know I have given my permission for them to use my work as inspiration for your tattoo. Additionally, many tattoo artists appreciate receiving permission from other artists before using their work.

Please note that this does not give you a digital file of the design - this only grants personal use permission for the tattoo artist you're working with to pull from Meg's Mashables' website and social media channels and use my artwork as a starting point for their design.

This ticket only applies to artwork on the Meg's Mashables site and social channels and is not a custom-drawn piece. If you would like a custom piece designed by me that you can take to a tattoo artist, please visit the Commissions page and submit a request!

*once purchased, you will find a link with the Ticket on the "Thank You" page and the link will be emailed to you - this link is good for 30 days so be sure to download it!


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